Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiniest Drugstore Haul ever + new Bluetooth Headphones

Hey guys!

Thank god I only had to attend two hours of school today (Spanish .. ugh) so I had some spare time to do whatever I wanted. I decided to go to a local drugstore, "Rossmann", because I needed to get a new Shampoo, a special one actually, some toothpaste, the new Bebe Goodbye Lipsticks (pink and nude) and a decent deodorant. I had my list with me and wanted to get everything that was written on there quickly. Well, let me tell you in advance, Rossman definitely isn't the right place to go when you wanna accomplish your shopping list in time, I've noticed that before (everytime I go there something isn't available, or they're awaiting stock), and today's tiny shopping spree approved again that it is the wrong place for me to shop. Sorry, Rossmann, but you just can't keep up with the others.

Anyways, I at least managed to find a lovely smelling shower scrub there ..

No pictorial copying without permission, please!

I obviously haven't tried the shower scrub yet, so I can't say anything about nurturing features or anything, but  the awesome scent of "White Chocolate & Vanilla" will definitely make up for possible bad quality. (I mean, it was only about €1 ..;)

So, due to my unbelievable success in trying to find my essentials at Rossmann today *subtle irony*, I will have to visit another drugstore this week because I'm about to run out of shampoo. I'm very curious about the newly released "Plantur 21" shampoo that Rossmann was sold out of. Anyway, this shampoo is supposed to reduce hair loss, which is my current kicker, so I'm damn curious about that.

When I finally got home, which was about an hour ago, I found an amazon package waiting for me on my desk. Last Sunday I decided to place an order there because I needed to get decent headphones for the gym. I really wanted to get bluetooth ones and I had been looking for them back in December. Well, last Sunday I discovered those ones on amazon:
this is not my own picture!

They're the Plantronics Back Beat 903+ wireless stereo headphones and to be honest, they were quite pricey (about €50 - €60). I haven't used them yet but as soon as I did, I'll let you know about the quality.

Tomorrow and the day after I won't be writing any new posts because I have a math exam on Friday. But you'll read from me on Friday evening.:)


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