Wednesday, June 13, 2012

impressions of my beloved USA

Yay! Wait .. nooo! I'm back from the US! And I wanna go back, RIGHT now!!!
When I go through the pics I've taken when I was visiting last month, they immediately cause the urge of going back there!
See for yourself ...

my cousin in front of his favorite "restaurant"

Drivin' S Tamiami Trail

Best. ice cream. ever.

right before my workout

me & my maxi dress | shoes by guess
outside of O'Learys

Bayfront again

Bayfront II

Bayfront sign

at Myakka River State Park

Can you spot the gator? No?

Well, there you go!

one of my drugstore faves

preview of upcoming USA Haul post


Saturday, April 14, 2012

nailpolish storage

I finally, finally, finally (can't stop typing that, that's how excited I am) got my nail polish rack that I've been wanting for aaaaages:

 My babies have a good place to stay now.♥
 But before I got the bigger rack I kept all of my polishes on the rack shown below:

This rack holds up to 60 polishes whereas the rack above (in my case) holds 100 polishes.
The new rack I got from and the other one I purchased on eBay.

Uuuh, I'm in love.♥

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New in & new hair

Hey guys!

Looooong time no see, I know. But I'm back .. with some new stuff and new hair!
The last months have just probably been one of the most exhausting ones in my whole life. I had to work hard and have been super busy with my body because I'm on an extreme weight loss right now.
But now let's get to the exciting stuff... here's what I got when I went shopping today:

THE MIRROR IN THE BACKGROUND IS NOT DIRTY! It's just showing streaks because I cleaned it with a wet cloth right before I photographed the shoes. Shoes from Tamaris - €39.95
I love that you can't see the Plateau - real nice heelies!
I'm in loooove with them .. ♥
Necklace from H&M - €7.95
Ring from H&M - €7.95 (interesting color: mix of silver and gold)
rosegolden Bangles from H&M - €4.95 each
As it says in the title, I also got a new haircut today. It's kind of hard to express what I think about it. In some way I like it and in some way I absolutely hate it and want to get rid of it again asap.
But decide for yourself...

I hope that you can see the contrast between the blonde and the dark blonde but actually it's a whole lot more visible than in the picture .. :(

See you next time,