Sunday, February 05, 2012

Drugstore Haul + thoughts on my first photo shoot

Hey guys!

Yesterday was a wonderful day; the sun was shining, the snow was all glittery - absolutely awesome!
This is why my two friends and I decided to go for a lil shopping spree in Nuremberg. Well, one of the friends and I had registered for a photo shoot back in December and yesterday was the day when the shoot finally took place, so we kinda had the occasion for going shopping as well.:D

First off, I'm going to show you what I got at the drugstore (dm) and then I'm going to tell you guys how the photo shoot proceeded...

No pictorial copying, please!

Okay, so here's the detailed list of what I got:

Balea Mademoiselle Chic Shower Gel
has a chocolate-orangey scent to it, yummy!

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighting Pen
haven't tried it yet but sounds promising though

Bebe Goodbye Lipstick Tinted Lip Balms in pink and nude 
 I've already tried the nude one and I like it at lot!

Dr. Wolff Plantur 21 Shampoo
I'm super excited to try it this evening!:)

You may have noticed that I cheated a little bit by the picture above, because I not only went to the drugstore, I also went to the uber awesome KIKO Store in Nuremberg and got a super stylish nail polish in Nb. 338. I'm definitely going to be putting this on some time this week.

Now, onto the photo shoot: It was the first time ever I did this. Of course, I was super excited and even a little worried, too. So, me and my friend N. went to the german perfumery Douglas in order to get our makeover there. We had the honour to be made up by a very friendly Dior makeup artist; She showed us various techniques for achieving a great look. After an hour of learning and amazement, we were allowed to have a look at the set where the shoot would take place and my friend N. decided to start the shoot. The shoot took about an hour for the two of us. It really was an amazing time! When the shoot was over, we were asked to choose the pictures we liked most. I chose 6 out of approx. 18 pics and my friend did the same. I was thinking about loading up one of the pictures to my blog, but I decided not to because in my opinion it's a too personal thing. I have to admit that my friend N. more or less convinced me to do this together with her and now I'm so thankful that I've listened to what she said.

Tomorrow I'll be uploading a NOTD - see you then!:)


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