Friday, June 03, 2011

Protect 'n' Refresh (english) ♥

Hey guys!

Finally we made it, I really couldn't wait for weekend to come!
So, today I thought it was time for an english post. I've never done this before but I think it's a kinda cool idea. I've never told you guys that my mother tongue is English. And I love this language!
But now for our topic of the day or rather of the evening...
In the nearer past I've been looking for a topic that will fit into that whole summer stuff rush like crazy (I'm actually never looking forward to the summertime, but once it's here, I can't resist the charme.:D) without notising that the easiest one is just placed next door:
How to protect and refresh our skin and body during summertime?
After I decided to post about that topic I've been going through my whole stash and found some exciting products that I really wanna show ya.

Here we go...

Those are the products I picked out cause I think they're just perfect for our skin to be protected and refreshed. 

The first product, which I think is just amazing, is the NIVEA sun protect & bronze sunscreen. It's gonna leave your skin look beautifully bronzed without containing self tanner, even after you took a shower and the sunscreen has all washed off. The LSF (Lichtschutzfaktor) is 20, I'd say that's just enough for our skin to be protected but also be able to tan naturally at a time. It retails for 8,95€ at Mueller.
(I don't know what LSF20 is in SPF (Sun Protection Factor), I'm sorry.)

Onto the next product: LUSH Ice Blue Shampoo
This product is also a winner. What it does? It smells exactly like spearmint gum and leaves my scalp and my body, because I'd say I kinda abused :D this product as a shower gel when I ran out of my staple one and I didn't have any other shower gel available in my shower, feeling tingly refreshed.
And look at the consistency... It's blue!! 
(Well, I guess this aint that special to you *lol*.. but I think it's special anyway :DDD) 
- This product is limited edition but right now it's available online! -

The next products I wanna talk about are two of the same type, I guess. It's a body splash and well, another body splash, but meant for your face... Oh, well, that sounds confusing so I think it's best  to just show them to yall:

It's another Lushie! And it's the infamous "Tea Tree Water". Firstly, I'm being honest, so lemme tell you guys that I don't like the smell of it. I don't hate it but I don't really like it either. It's just Tea Tree, you know.
But now onto the actual product. It's water mixed up with tea tree water if that makes any sense..^^
I recommend putting it in the fridge, at least that's what I do, and get it out there whenever I need a dose.:D
It's just soooo refreshing and the tea tree stuff is what your skin craves for when it's superduper hot outside. What I do with it? It drink it. - What a wisecrack! I always put it on my face and neck - you should definitely try that out in the morning, it'll give you the morning burst of your life!:D This is the smaller bottle, there's also a bigger one, but the one I own comes in a 100ml bottle and retails for 6,15€ and you can get this any Lush Store. Basically, you could also use this as a body splash, since it's just water, but I've got something better for that (what'll also make you smell irresistible!) ... *drum roll*..

ALVERDE grapefruit & kiwi body splash. Put it in the fridge. Spritz it onto your body. Smell like corn sugar! This is the perfect alternative if you've banned yourself from eating candy. This stuff will satisfy your sugar cravings! Sadly you can only get this in Germany. But I'm sure US drugstores will have tons of stuff like that. You can get this particular one at any dm drugstore and it retails for only 2,75€.

Next product has gotten a need to myself! I do need to protect my hair. Especially in the summer months. In order to moisturize and protect it at a time I've been using the PROCLAIM Natural 7 Oil which contains mostly Argan Oil (you could consider this a dupe of Moroccanoil). It can be used as your daily hair treatment goodie, for making your nails look beautiful without wearing any polish and for whatever you wanna use this. For me it's become a staple product that I do not want to miss.
One thing I love about this particular product is that it comes in a spray bottle. So you won't have to open this up, getting the right amount out of this chunk and put it in your hair with all-greasy hands afterwards. Nope! You can spray it right onto your hair and enjoy the feeling of having perfectly moisturized and protected hair.
It will also make it shine like the sun!;) It can be found at Sally's but I don't know the prize of it.

So, we're almost done but I saved the best for last. So far we've only been talking about protecting and refreshing our skin, our body, and our hair. Now, what about our soul? You might find this a little odd but this is what refreshes my soul: 

..ANNY nail lacquer in "pool girl". I love to look at my nails when they're polished up and this colour somehow really does refresh my soul when I look at it. Even in the bottle. It's a super bright and unique color, I've never seen one like this before! Sadly, it's limited edition, so you german girls out there, grab it - while you can! ANNY polishes can be found at most Douglas stores in Germany and they're 9,50€ a bottle.

Thank you so much to everyone who stayed with me through the whole post, I really do appreciate it! Let me know if you'd like to read more of those english posts.

Have a great weekend and a gorgeous night!


blondkopf said...

hey :) hast du die nivea sonnenlotion schon benutzt, wie is die denn so, wird man davon wirklich brauner? lieben gruss!! :)

Julia said...


Ich hab sie ein paar mal verwendet, allerdings nicht regelmäßig. Aber ich konnte einen leicht intensiveren Bräunungunterschied feststellen.
War aber nicht weltbewegend.
Für einen wirklich schön gebräunten Teint ohne Sonne, kann ich dir die Clinique Selbstbräuner empfehlen, die sind wirklich toll!

Liebe Grüße